Just $5 will help give a kid impacted by HIV/AIDS a chance to be a kid – even if it’s just for a week.

Camp Sunrise is a charitable, nonprofit organization founded in 1994 as Ohio’s first and only summer camp program that caters specifically to the needs of children impacted by HIV/AIDS. This unique weeklong program provides a therapeutic community where campers can experience relief from the overwhelming emotions and social burden associated with the disease. They can dance, swim, play, and create without the fears or worries they deal with outside of the camp week. But it’s about so much more than summer camp.

Many kids impacted by HIV/AIDS are coping with a number of issues and very little support, including their own or their family members’ uncertain disease progression, complicated medical regimens, and grief. And given the demographics of the disease, these kids and teens are also facing many social inequalities – racism, poverty, lack of access to services, violence, and prejudice – that enable the AIDS epidemic to thrive in the first place. These children have been forced to grow up too fast, often missing out on a normal childhood, and left feeling isolated, hopeless, and defined only by their disease. One of only a handful of programs like it across the country, Camp Sunrise was created to provide the critical support and skills needed to overcome these challenges by offering a therapeutic environment where emotions can be expressed, fears can be faced, and anxieties can be addressed.

At Camp Sunrise, every camper – and most counselors – have been touched by HIV/AIDS. They are all dealing with the same emotions, struggling to find the same sense of acceptance, normalcy, and stability. Here, their status is not an issue. Camp Sunrise is a healing environment that lets these kids be kids, while having fun and processing these issues with adults and peers who understand and can relate.

Camp Sunrise campers don’t just come for one summer. They come back, year after year, to their camp family and the unconditional love it offers. Campers form deep friendships that carry them through life, they learn coping skills and discover support systems that remain in place forever. What they experience each summer stays with them as they grow, face the world, and find their place. No matter what else happens in their lives, campers always have a place to go back to where they feel normal, loved, and safe.

Camp Sunrise is a true grassroots effort. With only one paid contract employee, it is completely staffed and run by volunteers – volunteers who come back year after year to make a difference because they are passionate. Funding is possible only through donations and public support. Since its foundation 16 years ago, Camp Sunrise has never turned a child away.

Make a $5 donation to Rally Team for Dreams, and make a difference in the life of a kid impacted by HIV/AIDS by helping them get to Camp Sunrise. Buy a block on the rally car, join our team, and help these kids be just that – kids.

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